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Bloodshot Halloween Pancake Eyes

pancake eye with ingredients

Do you like scary movies? What about scary pancakes? Learn how to make bloodshot eyeball pancakes with some cool mint oreos, milk duds, and strawberry syrup!

Halloween is a great time to get creative with pancake presentation. Who wants to eat a normal boring pancake when you can eat a pancake that can have a starring contest with you.


Besides your normal pancake batter, you will need a few extra things. A bag of cool mint double stuffed oreos (these are sold in the supermarket next to the regular oreos). A few milk duds (easy to find around Halloween….just tackle any kid with a pillow case and your likely to come accross a bag or two). A bottle of Hersey’s strawberry syrup and a plastic baggy.

oreos and milk duds

Separate the filling from the outer cookie shells of two cool mint oreos. Twist the first top off and use a knife to carefully remove the filling from the bottle cookie. Then cut a milk dud in half. These don’t exactly cut in half easily. So you may have to cut a few to get two good half milk duds to use as pupils.

cool mint oreos separated and milk duds


First make some perfectly round pancakes. This can be done using a pancake batter dispenser.

round pancakes to begin

Next cover each pancake with powered sugar (also called confectionery sugar).

cover with powered sugar

Then dribble some strawberry syrup across each pancake to give the appearance of bloodshot eyes. We poured our strawberry syrup into a squeeze bottle first since this squeeze bottle had a smaller spout and could draw finer lines.

add hersey's strawberry syrup

Next place the cool mint oreo filling and the milk duds on top to create the iris and pupil of each eye.
add oreos and milk duds

Since our plate was white, we wanted to give some contrast between the white sugar and the white plate. So we placed the shells of the oreo cookies in a small plastic zip lock bag then sealed the bag. Then we broken the cookies with our hands while still in the bag. Then we dusted the black oreo cookie crumbs around each eye.

oreos in bag crushed

Halloween Pancake Bloodshot eyes

The finished product is a spooky plate of pancakes any Halloween fan would enjoy!

bloodshot  halloween pancake eyes

pancake pen art

A must have for every pancake kitchen

See what can be done with a pancake pen

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