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Rot your teeth out with leftover Halloween candy pancakes !!!

happy halloween with candy

Put the tooth fairy on speed-dial, because we are making leftover Halloween candy pancakes!

Every year, you buy too much Halloween candy. Only to have your neighbor across the street setup a Halloween scene, like he’s moonlighting as a special effects artist for a horror movie. All the kids go across the street and only a few fat kids dressed up as bumble-bees actually make it to your front-door.

So what do you do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Use it for cooking of course… Make a Kit-Kat meat loaf. Enjoy a York Peppermint Patty & shoe fly pie. Nothing says home cooking like green bean casserole with Peanut M&Ms. And make room for some candy pancakes!!!!

When we cook Halloween pancakes, dentists fear us . There’s no trick here, just a treat of EPIC sugar proportions. We suggest you brush your teeth before, during, and after this meal. Maybe even substitute Scope mouth-wash for maple syrup. These pancakes will give you a sugar high that will last for hours!

leftover Halloween candy pancakes

Skittles Pancakes

First made in 1974, these little rainbows of flavor can brighten up any flap-jack.

skittles in pancake batter

skittles pancake


Year after year, people vote Candy corn as there favorite Halloween candy. Heck, people even dress up as Candy corn. So why not dress up your pancakes with a bit of orange and yellow sugar!

candycorn in pancake batter

candycorn pancake

3 Musketeers Pancake Rolls

All for one, and one for all. These chocolate bars can conquer any hunger when rolled up inside a pancake!

3musketeers on pancake

3musketeers panacke roll

Nerds Jacks

Don’t try to bully these pink and purple nerds. Because they pack a “crunch!”

nerds in pancake batter

nerds candy pancake

If you want to be smarter, just try some Smarties!
smarties pancakes

Twix Pancake Sculptures

Try constructing your own pancake masterpiece using Twix!

Twix pancake scuplture

The Finished Plate

We added some Starburst gum on top..because it looks like pink butter. Add a lollipop top more Candy corn and presto… trick or treat has finally arrived!

pancake recipe for tooth rot

Don’t forget to brush!

3 Responses to Rot your teeth out with leftover Halloween candy pancakes !!!

  1. These are absorlutly fuckin rubbish!!!!!!!!!! ROT YOUR TEETH TO BITS!!!!!!!!

  2. These are really good pancakes!

  3. Dud Jensen says:

    @ luke Jackson
    Don’t eat them then, you stupid fuck.

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