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Turkey Pancakes, A Batter Thanksgiving Tradition

funny turkey pancakes

Celebrate this Thanksgiving with a pancake feast and make some turkey pancakes! Who needs a bird when you got batter!

Cooking a real turkey is so much work and honestly, its not helping the bird. Turkey pancakes are a recipe for celebration and a time to give thanks to all those who have “flipped” some flap-jacks before us. So start a new family tradition with pancakes that are Gobble Gobble Good!

How To Make Your Own Turkey Pancakes

To make turkey pancakes you will need the following

  • Pancake mix
  • Food coloring
  • A squeeze bottle or empty ketchup bottle
  • An almond
  • Two chocolate chips
  • A bit of creativity

Start by making one medium-large sized pancake. Try to make it as round as possible. This will serve as the body of the bird. Next make a smaller pancake to serve as a head.

Stack the smaller pancake on top of the larger pancake on a plate to get a sense of size. It may take a few passes to get the head proportional to the body. Once completed, this will provide insight into the size of the pancakes required for the turkey’s feather.

red velvet pancake mixFor feathers, mix food coloring into the pancake batter. We mixed some yellow and green into two bowls of plain pancake mix.

We also used some Red Velvet pancake mix we found at Walmart for the red feathers

Next loaded the colored pancake mix into a squeeze bottle (You can also use an old empty ketchup bottle). Draw out long ovals shapes and quickly fill in the center by squeezing harder to get the pancake batter flowing faster.

red feathersyellow feathersgreen feathers

Present Your Turkey Pancakes

Finally top off your turkey and split almond for a nose and two chocolate chips for the eyes. Position the chips upside down and push them into the pancake.

Now show off your bird to your family, enjoy your Thanksgiving batter feast, and gobble until you wobble!

turkey pancakes with 3 color feathers

pancake pen art

Like art?

See what can be done with a pancake pen

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