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The Best Breakfast

Looking for the best breakfast? Weather your looking for great taste or a healthy alternative to processed breakfast foods, pancakes are your ticket the best breakfast you have had in a long time!

The Best Breakfast : Consider Pancakes

Hot, fluffy, and fresh of the griddle and stacked up high! There’s nothing quite as savory, delicious and innerspring as pancakes. And did you know there are literally thousands of ways to prepare this tasty treat.

With so many types of pancakes, how does one choose? Start by looking through our list of 101 Types of Pancakes. While buttermilk, chocolate chip, and bluberry are the best known types of pancakes, there and many amazing pancake recipes to try.

While no one wants to eat the same breakfast every day, you could have pancakes every day for years and never feel like you’ve had the same breakfast twice!

The Best Breakfast : Skip Processed Food

When sitting down to eat breakfast, it doesn’t get anymore satisfying than knowing you’ve just made your own food. Skipping the processed food and realizing you “are what you eat”, is the beginning to a healthy lifestyle.

Pancakes are great breakfast choice because they can be made from scratch quickly. Using a simple pancake recipe, you can be servings a healthy breakfast in 10 minutes.

The Best Breakfast: Pancakes Presentation

The Best Breakfast, All Star PancakesPancakes have a stereo type. They are always round and golden in shape. This is just not true. All pancake recipes do start off as pancake batter, but there are as many ways to present and serve pancakes as there are varieties of pancakes!

Pancakes can be shaped with pancake molds or pancake pens. For toppings, you can use syrups, fresh fruits, peanut butter, Nutella, honey,..this list is endless.

The Best Breakfast: Not A Joke

While finding the best breakfast is no laughing matter, there are some pancake jokes that will give you and your family something to laugh about while eating the best breakfast you have had in a long time.

So go get flippin, and enjoy pancakes…and make breakfast the best meal of the day!

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