Beautiful Blueberry Oreo Mousse Recipe Flirting

Beautiful Blueberry Oreo Mousse Recipe Flirting

15 pieces of Oreo without cream

Mousse ingredients: 
1. 100 grams of white cooking chocolate gelatin
2. 50 grams of sugar 1/8 teaspoon salt 
3. 100 ml of liquid milk 
4. 100 grams of fine blueberry jam 
5. 200 ml non dairy cream

Complementary ingredients: 
1. 10 mini oro chips with 
2. 75 gram cream non dairy cream, cream whipped

Getting Started Making a Beautiful Blueberry Oreo Mousse Flirting:

1. The first way you can do this time is to make sure that you listen to the preparation steps below. This method will be important to make it easier for you to make dessert this time. Let's look at some of the preparation steps below.
2. The preparation is prioritized by smoothing the pieces of Oreo. The trick please enter Oreo into a plastic with a zip cover at the top.
3. Then take the rolling pin and smooth the ingredients evenly. Then make sure if this material is smooth and even like sand. Enter in a container and set aside temporarily before mixing with other ingredients.
4. The next step is to prepare gelatin. The method is to soak the gelatin using cold water until all parts of the gelatin are immersed in water.
5. Then remove and drain this material. And you will be able to continue in the next step evenly.
6. For white cooking chocolate you will be able to cut these ingredients evenly using a placemat and put them in a container. We will make this material later as a mixture.
7. Next is by shaking non dairy cream using cold water in a container. Then by using a mixer, please shake this material using the highest speed evenly.
8. Just set aside all these ingredients before we arrange and make into a bluberry Oreo mousse dish this time.

How to Make a Beautiful Blueberry Oreo Mousse Flirting:
1. To make this dish you will be able to do it easily and simply. Take small glasses and spread the Oreo to the bottom of the cups evenly until it reaches a height of about 1 1/2 cm. Then set aside temporarily.

2. Then to make a mousse you will be able to do this by preparing a pan on the stove using medium heat. Then put the milk in it.

3. Also pour milk along with sugar and give a little salt evenly. Then cook this dish while stirring evenly until boiling and cooking.

4. Pour gelatin into it along with other mixtures such as white cooking chocolate and blueberry jam.

5. Stir all these dishes evenly until mixed and evenly distributed. Allow it to be evenly distributed at room temperature.

6. Only then add this mixture gradually to the non dairy cream and stir all these ingredients slowly until mixed.

7. Next add a little jam and stir it occasionally. Then pour over the white and spray non dairy cream on top. Only you will be able to decorate this dish by using Oreo with a mini size to beautify this presentation.

When it's finished, put it in the refrigerator first before serving and enjoying it. In order to taste more delicious and the texture of the dish this time feels softer and more solid.

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