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About Us

We love pancakes. We really love pancakes….did I forget to mention, we love pancakes! And we want to teach you how to make pancakes from scratch!



We have created TastyPancakeRecipes to be the ultimate pancake portal.  A mapley sweet pancake paradise.

It’s our goal to arm you with a wide variety of pancake recipes as well as cooking tips and tools. In addition to the basics, we also provide pancake presentation tips, pure maple syrup education, all served up with a few laughs!

And since we are so passionate about pancakes, we brought together every pancake related video, t-shirts, odd fact, and pancake paraphernalia under the sun to this site. Need a gift idea, or a pancake mold, a pancake light switch, or directions to a pancake cemetery…we are dead serious, we have it all!

Our History

Our chief editor, AKA Mr. Big Stack, use to collect syrup bottles when he was a just a short stack of a kid.   Restaurants like Cracker Barrel in the Eastern States have tiny glass bottle of syrups that were disposable…but not to Mr. Big Stack.  He use to bring them home (yes, they were free….no five finger discount) and line them up as keepsakes.

As a young boy sprouted into a man,  his love for pancakes continued to grow.  Bob Evans, IHOP, House of Pancakes, became his stomping grounds, just to name a few.

Looking for ways to spread his love of pancakes, Mr. Big Stack took took his message online like a Harry Christna at the airport with a tambourine.  Mr. Big Stack searched for the perfect web site name.  Some early front runners:


After being talked down off the ledge of insanity, a compromise was made and was born.


So sit back, enjoy our website…and for the love of all things pancakes…leave us a comment and send us your pancake pictures (we also gladly accept your secret family recipes).  And remember Mom & Dad, pancake education starts at home.


Any inquires, send to

One Response to About Us

  1. Jane says:

    My girlfriend posted this site on my Facebook knowing that I can’t get enough of pancakes. Being going through the posts and yum! there is so many delicious things on here … brb I have to make some pancakes ; )

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