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Category Archives: Apple

iHungry 4S’ome Apple Pancakes

apple iphone 4s pouring syrup

Can’t get your hands on a new iPhone? Try some apple pancakes instead! This week Apple launched their must anticipated iPhone 4S. No one seems to know what the “S” at the end of the name means. We had hoped it had something to do with syrup, but we can’t find any mention of pancakes or syrup in the iPhone’s user manual..

The phone also includes an artificial intelligence in the form of a personal assistant named SIRI. We decided to test SIRI’s knoweldge of pancakes. We asked it “SIRI, what is your favorite type of pancakes?”. The phone responded “I’d rather not say.” Again we asked “SIRI can you cook me pancakes?”. It then showed up the locations of nearby restaurants serving pancakes. So until technology gives us a robotic chef, we still have to make pancakes by hand. So to correspond to the release of the Apple iPhone, we of course chose to make apple pancakes !