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Category Archives: Pistachio Pancakes

Silver Dollar Wall Street Protest Pistachio Pancakes

silver dollar pancakes with money

Mobs of people have taken to Wall Street to protest. There’s only one problem. Its hard to protest all day on an empty stomach. Therefore, we present our “Silver Dollar Wall Street Protest Pistachio Pancakes.”

We understand that pitching tents, holding up protest signs, and playing bongos all day is a full time job. Hey, if your sick and tired of being out of a job and you just like hanging out with people who haven’t showered in days, protesting Wall Street is all the rage these days. But don’t make the mistake of protestong on an empty stomach. You really have to yell loud for those fat cats in the financial building to hear you through their double panned glass.

Sure 1% of the population may have most of the wealth. So what does that other 99% have…I’ll tell you….flippin homepmade pancakes. So raise your spatulas high in the air, and never forget….you still got it “batter” than most places!